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Terms and conditions 


Terms and conditions: All information that  is provided on the registration form is true and not fictional. All sessions that are booked will not be cancelled less that 48 hours in advance by the session leader unless in emergency, in the case of this happening bookings may be passed on to another. Cancellations of 48 hours by therapist will be rescheduled to the next available date. Payments will not be given for cancellations and will be charged at £25.00 administration fee. Therapists cancel their schedules giving 2 weeks notice. Lightwork reserve the right to cancel any subscription that deems inappropriate or abusive. Complaints will be brought to the attention of the team member discreetly. Team members have the right to refuse clients who are abusive or act in an inappropriate manner. 

Lightwork reserves the right to increase prices for any service notice must be given prior to this at least 30 days in advance. 

A 10% service charge is taken from all bookings to cover advertising fees / Refer a friend service. 

Refer a friend should not be used by the team member / therapist to bring clients.

Services will be advertised via platforms such as e.g Groupon, Facebook, instagram, pinterest, living social ect. 

Team members / Therapists can advertise their services and allocated blog via social media, flyer, business card which must state the services are available through and not a third party or individual service.

If membership is cancelled the blog will be removed and will no longer be accessible.